Warm Space

Churches across Ashbourne are opening a space to stay warm this autumn & winter. All warm spaces will provide free hot drinks and are open to all ages.

Monday 4-7pm

Ashbourne Elim Church

A warm dinner will be served from 5-6pm at this space. Games will be available for people of all ages, with PS5 and Ninendo Switch to play for children

Tuesday 1-4pm

Ashbourne Methodist Church

In the Waterside Hall. We will offer hot and cold drinks, a play area for children and activities for adults, e.g games and puzzles.

Wednesday 10am-2pm

Ashbourne Elim Church

Soup and a roll served between 12-1pm. Some children’s toys will be available for little ones to enjoy

Thursday 10am-2pm

St John’s Church Hall

Starting on 1st December

Soup and a roll served between 12-1pm.