We believe that prayer is one of the key foundations in our relationship with Jesus. Our hope is that Ashbourne Elim is a house of prayer and that seeking God through prayer is central to all we do.

Can we pray for you?

We believe that God is closer to us than we think, no matter your current relationship with Him He wants to bring light to darkness, bring hope to the hopeless and restore the broken. Can we stand with you and talk to Him alongside you? Use our prayer request submission to ask our prayer team to pray for you

Prayer meetings

We meet at 7:30pm on the third Wednesday evening of every month to pray & worship God together. These meetings are always held in the church building and they are also streamed live on YouTube – if you aren’t able to come out to the building then you will be able to engage online. Check out the calendar for this month’s dates.

Prayer and fasting

Throughout the year we engage in periods of prayer and fasting. When we are sharply focused on God by sacrificing, we draw closer to Him and seek to hear His voice more clearly.

Ashbourne Churches Together

We regularly join with the other churches in the town to unite in prayer for our whole community. For more information please email: