Prayer Online


During this season where we are all isolated at home, we are holding online prayer meetings using Zoom. This is a great way for us all to connect, engage, see each other and share a time of prayer and worship together

The easiest way to connect is to click the image below, which will take you directly to the latest meeting.

If you already use the app, this week’s Meeting ID is 9173 3593 263


If you’ve not got a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can still join us on zoom with 3 simple steps through your phone (mobile or landline)

1) Call 0208 080 6591 
2) Dial in our meeting ID (9173 3593 263) followed by #
3) You will be asked for a personal ID – ignore this, just dial another #

And you should be in with us and able to connect through the wonders of technology! If you try this and it doesn’t work – please do let us know as this is the first time that we have tried this way of connecting.


Alternatively, if you’re not able to engage via Zoom, you can follow along and watch our livestream of the prayer meeting on the following link:


If you need any help getting online and accessing Zoom or any other aspect of our online services, please get in touch and ask for help, we’ll do what we can to get you connected.