God In My Everything Course

On Sunday 17th September we are starting a 13 session course called ‘God In My Everything’ based off the book written by Ken Shigematsu. 

The course will help us to develop our rhythms of life and enjoy God more through our busy lives.

The preference is for participants to attend the course physically at the church building, but the course will be accessible through zoom also. However, because participants will be in set groups for the course, we ask that you commit to attend in the building or online, not to change between the 2. 

Throughout the course, we will be working through some spiritual disciples (or rhythms) that are listed below together. The course is designed to take a holistic approach so we would only encourage you to sign up for the course if you are committed to attend all sessions. 

We will purchase a book for each participant. The cost of the book is £12 – if you are unable to cover the cost of your book we are happy to subsidise it (on the condition that you will complete the course). Used copies are available for cheaper, if you would rather order your own copy of the book, please inidcate this in the sign up form. 

After each session you will be challenged to make some commitments as to how you can change your life rhythms and be kept accountable to these at the next session. This isn’t a course to breeze through, but a course for those who are seeking to deepen their relationship with God and willing to count the cost of doing so. 

Please sign up at ashelim.ch/everything. Sign up deadline is Sunday 3rd September as we need time to order books and put groups together. Please note: sign ups will not be taken after this date. 

Session topics: