Covenant Eyes

We are called to live a life of sexual holiness. This becomes difficult in the society we live in with pornography becoming increasingly prevalent. A study from 2014 (10 years ago) show us how much pornography has become an issue within the UK church.

Do you want help to stop watching pornography? Or greater accountability to ensure that this doesn’t become an issue for you (prevention is better than cure)? We recommend the use of the ‘covenant eyes’ software. See the video below for information about covenant eyes. If you would like free access to use the church’s account for covenant eyes – please fill in the form below. Your information will only be shared with Adam (if you are male) or Vanessa (if you are female). Adam & Vanessa will not check in on you without your permission but will have to make contact in order to set up your account.

For more information about covenant eyes – see their website.