Ashbourne Elim Church’s Story

We appreciate that walking into a new building filled with people that you don’t know can be a worry!

At Ashbourne Elim Church it is our heart that you feel as comfortable as possible. Sometimes it helps us to relax if we can answer some of the questions we have, doesn’t it? We have a wonderful welcome team that will love to answer those questions on a Sunday AM. Or if you would rather, why don’t you take a look at this page and hopefully you can get to know us a bit more.

If you’ve got unanswered questions, please email us

Who we are?

We are a community of many generations and together “We exist to worship Jesus and to demonstrate His love and hope to all.” We are a family that’s sole purpose is to Worship our God and to follow His ways to the best of our abilities.

What we do?

We have such a heart for Ashbourne and its surrounding areas, what a beautiful place to be! We believe that God has asked us to serve our community and to be His light where He has placed us. We do this in many ways; schools work, Support local initiatives, hiring out the building, Foodbank and many more.

To do this we believe it’s a team effort, all hands-on deck for the vision we believe God has given us for this season at Ashbourne Elim;

“To go into the community and share the good news of Jesus.”

How we do it?

We have four core values that we can ensure everything we do contributes to the mission and family of this church.

Reaching Up-

Above all we praise and worship God in all we do this is fundamental to who we are. We worship God, three in one, Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Everything we do must come out of praise and glory to God.

Reaching Out-

We reach out past the walls of the building to where hope and love are needed locally, nationally and internationally. We reach out to share God’s love with our families, friends and community. We believe thee church is the people not the building.

Reaching In-

It is really important for us as a church that we invest time into discipleship, growing in maturity and helping each other come closer God. We do this in a few ways at the moment; Bible Studies, Connect groups and prayer partners in our men’s and women’s ministries. Our

Reaching Together-

In the book of Acts in the Bible we see a church that selflessly and passionately cares for one another, this is how we believe God has called us to be. Supporting and cheering one another on is important here at Ashbourne Elim Church as we believe it to be a biblical model of how to do church.


Originally founded in 1923 by the Jeffreys’ brothers, the church was located on South Street in the old Mission Hall. In 2009, plans started to move into a larger custom built building in the new retail park. In 2011, the new church building was opened and we are continuing to grow. This year the church has celebrated it’s centenary year and God’s faithfulness over the last 100 years.